Kristin Hannah Residential

We all love the compliments on a design well done. We treasure your happy expression as the space unfolds. But we know it’s the unseen benefits that matter.

A space provides a pathway to an experience.

The answers to those questions are used to give you exactly what you want, when and how you want it.

We are clear. We are direct. We are effective. We are discrete.  

We value your privacy and your time.





We know that space influences our thoughts, which impact our emotions and ultimately our actions.

You don’t really see good interior design- you feel it.

We ask ourselves, and you: What is coming into the room with this object, color or structure? Is it provoking the desired emotions, sensations or inspirations?

Great design should disappear into the happy sounds of a family gathering, the peaceful face of a sleeper or the satisfied feeling of a task well done.

We want to design your dreams. Contact us today.

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell us exactly what you want. We understand that.

That’s why we encourage each other to practice self care and mindful interactions. We know how to listen, and learn.  We can hear the unspoken words in your space and the objects you choose.

We ask “Why?” before we ask “What?”

When you’re not sure, we are.

“She knew exactly what I wanted, even when I couldn’t put it into words; I will always remember that.”