Meet Kristin Hannah


I bring light, love, kindness and clarity into all of our interactions.

Whether I am designing a space for meditation, business interactions, or just living, my mission is the same: to bring more light, love and clarity to your life and your business.


My guests usually nap within the first few hours of a visit to my home. People visibly relax as they walk into a space designed with love, peace and clarity.

I set limits and insist on balance for myself and my team, so that we can be the calm, clear influence that you deserve as you take on the creation of your sacred spaces.

(By “sacred,” I mean this: I regard you and your space with reverence.)

“If a person is happy, it is not because she has power or fame but because she knows her presence is helping a lot of people.  To feel that you are helpful, you are useful to society- this is happiness. When you are on a path and you enjoy every step on your path, you are already what you want to become, practicing the art of being.”  

- Thich Nhat Hanh 


In 2001, I  graduated from the American Institute Of Interior Design and grabbed the reins of Hannah Interiors, intent on continuing with my mother’s powerful legacy.

I’ve learned to measure my success not by what I take from the world, but by what I leave behind: spaces that inspire people with an awareness of love, grace, and human potential.


From a young age, I’ve traveled. I’ve been to more than 50 countries. I take all these experiences and offer you the ability to go below the surface in design.

I can access the unique ideas, resources and experiences of different cultures across the globe.

I appreciate the privilege of doing business with you. I honor the positive influence of good design.


My mom was my best friend, and a brilliant designer. She started Hannah Interiors in 1993 and I wanted to join her there with all my heart.

Shortly after I graduated from the University of Arizona, my mother passed away. I still miss her. In many ways, Hannah interiors is a reflection of her charity, kindness and love.

I know what it’s like to stumble. I understand frustration. I’ve overcome grief with my Mother passing at an early age.  I’ve learned how to be happy and successful against the odds.

 The dark times in my life continue to gift me with resilience, patience and humility. I am often complimented on my calm demeanor in the midst of extraordinary challenges.

“I hired you for good design, and you transformed my life” – Tom Fuller