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My brand was designed with words like honesty, integrity and authenticity to attract, inspire and manage team members who embody those qualities.

I have long-standing relationships with professionals across the country.  In addition, I scout out and hire the best, most reliable local sources for labor and materials. This local sourcing  practice ensures not only that our projects are completed on time and under budget, but that our work has a positive impact on the local economy and the global environment.

The outstanding quality and unparalleled success of our design and our business are really just reflections of the remarkable people who make up the teams of Hannah Interiors.

Questions:  Ask for Susan at 262-299-3744.


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“Your team was so organized and made the process so easy for me. Thank you!”- a recent, satisfied client of Hannah Interiors

The teams at Hannah Interiors are made up of small groups of the best industry partners in the country; they are consistently dynamic, fluid, and loyal to their clients and their craft.

I can dream up a great idea by myself. I can invent a product or a strategy, and even commercialize my venture for profit with little outside help. But if I want my business to achieve its full potential as an enterprise for good, I must surround myself with the best industry partners in the country.

This is why I value self-care so highly. I find it much easier to attract, retain and lead the best people with my steady practices of self-leadership and self-management.

Simply put, we believe that communication is EVERYTHING.

Your interpretation of our communication is OUR responsibility.

That’s why we invented a 24/7 way to check on your project budget or status. That’s why we don’t push send without eliminating the fluff on an email.

All of our communication is intentional, direct, and compassionate.

If you are ready and serious about working with us, please inquire.   Thank you.